The John Day River is the third longest undammed river in the contiguous United States and boasts both wild steelhead and Chinook populations, although the Steelhead are listed as Threatened as part of the Endangered Species Act.  ISEMP has been working collaboratively with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to monitor the status and trends of habitat and fish in the John Day since 2004.  In the Lower John Day subbasin, the Bridge Creek tributary has become a focus of additional research and monitoring of the influence of beaver on semi-arid landscapes, and is an Intensively Monitored Watershed (IMW).  Extensive restoration and channel reconfiguration efforts have also been conducted through an Intensively Monitored Watershed funded through OWEB.

Subbasin Name: John Day

Intensively Monitored Watershed:
Bridge Creek (Lower John Day, OR)

Area: 1083 km2

Project Contact:
Nick Bouwes, EcoLogical Research

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife


Available Data:

Stream Temperature Logger Data (1990-2010) stored in the STEM Databank

Modeled Stream Temeprature Data