ISEMP maintains ESRI geodatabases for the Status and Trend and IMW subbasins as a way to manage frequently used GIS datasets.  Geodatabases are updated 1 to 2 times per year and are available for download.

A listing of the contents contained in each of the Subbasin geodatabase packages is available here.
The latest geodatabase updates are included in this README document.

Study AreaSizeTypeFileLast Updated
Bridge Creek Watershed23 MBSubbasin geodatabase packageBridge_Creek_GDB_20100615.zip6/15/2010
Entiat Watershed100 MBSubbasin geodatabase packageEntiat_CHaMP_GDB_package.zip6/18/2015
John Day Subbasin1.15 GBSubbasin geodatabase packageJohn_Day_CHaMP_GDB_package.zip6/18/2015
Lemhi Subbasin237.4 MBSubbasin geodatabase packageLemhi_CHaMP_GDB_package.zip6/18/2015
South Fork Salmon Subbasin265.9 MBSubbasin geodatabase package South_Fork_Salmon_CHaMP_GDB_package.zip6/18/2015
Methow Subbasin381.7 MBSubbasin geodatabase packageMethow_CHaMP_GDB_package.zip6/18/2015
Middle Fork John Day Subbasin60 MBSubbasin geodatabase packageMiddle_Fork_JD_GDB_20090622.zip6/22/2009
Wenatchee Subbasin285.6 MBSubbasin geodatabase packageWenatchee_CHaMP_GDB_package.zip6/18/2015
Upper Columbia River Basin EastLiDAR point cloud or rasterDownload from OpenTopography11/5/2006
Upper Columbia River Basin WestLiDAR point cloud or rasterDownload from OpenTopography11/9/2006
Lemhi SubbasinLiDAR point cloud or rasterDownload from OpenTopography9/26/2010
John Day SubbasinLiDAR point cloud or rasterDownload from OpenTopography10/7/2006