The Bioenergetics model calculates fish growth by solving the energy balance equation:

Consumption = Respiration + Egestion + Excretion + Growth

Given initial fish weights, and user defined, temporally varying p-values and habitat information regarding temperature and prey, the model calculates growth over time based on energy balance and species specific energetic equations for consumption, respiration, egestion, and excretion. Since ISEMP is focused on juvenile salmonids, this implementation of the model does not include weight losses due to reproduction.

The model can be run in three different simulation modes:

  1. The first mode takes inputs as described above and outputs fish growth.
  2. Total fish growth is instead used as an input, and average p-values are calculated.
  3. Total consumption is input by the user and average p-values are calculated.

While only a single species of fish can be modeled with each run of the model, multiple sites can be can be modeled simultaneously, for any user specified time period